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Alksom Realty LLC v Baranik, Index No. 511287/2014, 06/09/15 (Demarest, J.)

Contract; breach; fiduciary duty; breach; fraudulent concealment; intentional misrepresentation; unjust enrichment; fraudulent inducement; accountant malpractice; negligence; gross negligence; CPLR §3211(a)(1); CPLR §214(6). By: Yan Borodanski | Staff Writer Plaintiff was the manager and part owner of Alkson Realty Company LLC … Continue reading

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Cilente v. Phoenix Life, Index No. 600313/2008, 1/7/2014 (Kapnick, J.)

Fraud and Fraudulent inducement; NY GBL § 349; breach; Insurance Law §§ 4226 and 2123; breach; Fraud and Negligence.  Plaintiffs allege that they were defrauded into purchasing life insurance policy from defendants.  Initially, plaintiffs created a trust which in turn … Continue reading

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